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Simply The Best of MPP

This weekend Phish will be playing their 22nd and 23rd shows at Merriweather Post Pavilion. We decided to look back at some of the best moments from this storied venue.


Their 2nd MPP show and first headlining appearance provided us with 2 classic covers, Sabotage and Sweet Jane, and one of the 5 times Fikus has been played.



It was a tough tour and the band sounded tired for most of it, but this night they found the spark and ignited into a 5 song second set of Rock and Roll > Theme From the Bottom -> Dog Log > The Mango Song > Free, with the Theme thru Mango being one of the most unique combos ever. A funky, laid back Dog Log emerges from a nice little Theme Jam and finds itself to Mango, which has a fantastic extended jam at the end.



From the Walfredo opener you knew the band was in a playful mood, or maybe a Mellow Mood, that carried them through strong versions of all 11 tunes in the 1st set. The second set is where things get interesting. After a standard Wilson, Meatstick dissolves into an (un)planned Saw It Again. (perhaps in response to a guy in the pit with a sign). Saw It Again finds its way through Piper to Ghost and the band is off. Ghost somehow becomes (a really unplanned) first time cover of Jumpin Jack Flash that resolves back into a I Saw It Again Reprise, before throwing in a Contact, a YEM and a Fire encore.



A fantastic version of Light that really breaks the mold and when they land at Boogie On Reggae Woman it becomes one of the most interesting segments the band played that summer.



Tweezer -> Back on the Train -> Tweezer -> Back on the Train -> Tweezer > Waiting All Night, Free -> Tweezer -> Simple -> Tweezer Of the 6 Tweezer Fests in Phish history this night was the tweeziest with 5 segues in and out of the Tweezer theme.



In a crazy first set that includes a Simple opener and Glide in the 2 spot the Big Black Furry Pet Cat from Mars may be the craziest.



After another 5 song second set they band comes back with a wild encore of Twenty Years Later > Martian Monster > Rocky Top > Golgi Apparatus

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