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Tour Beer Pairings: Alabama

How is a wook supposed to find that perfect mix of flavor and sound with so many beers and Phish songs to choose from? That's where wookplus comes in. We have diligently created the perfect beer and song pairing for each venue on the Spring tour. So all you need to do is crack open a cold one and relax.

El Gordo - Mike's Song

Good People Brewing Company - Russian Imperial Stout

Of course, we had to choose Mike's Song to pair with this imperial Russian stout. Not only does the thickness of this stout match those thick bass notes in a Mike's, but the mysterious flavor profile also matches Gordon's mysterious personality. You don't know quite what it is but next thing you know you are sharing in the groove and screaming "Me no are no nice guy". A seriously fun beer to pair with a seriously fun song.

Hitchhiker IPA - Runaway Jim

Good People Brewing Company - India Pale Ale

Like a good Runaway Jim there isn't a bad time to sip a Hitchhiker IPA. With it West Coast-style the flavors of pineapple, grapefruit, orange, and tangerine this IPA tastes like the good time Jim had on his adventure. So crank up a Runaway Jim and crack open a cold Hitchhiker and relax until showtime.

Illudium - Punch You in the Eye

Straight to Ale - Old Ale

At 11.5% ABV, this English style old ale brewed in cognac barrels will seriously hit the taste buds and get you spun quick. Like a good Punch You in the Eye opener, this beer will quickly get you ready for the show and have you hyped in no time.

Snake Handler

Good People Brewing Company - Double India Pale Ale

A hoppy yet drinkable double IPA, this popular Alabama brew hits just like the opening guitar riff of Wilson. Those aromas of pine, citrus, flowers, spice, pineapple, and grassiness hit your nose and light up your sense of smell the same way the crowd yelling "Wilson" hits your ears and raises your heartbeat. You know you are in for a treat right from the beginning and when that first sip hits and you taste the biscut and caramel undertones you'll want to drink enough to get yourself to Gamehendge and run the place.

Velvet Evil - Carini

Straight to Ale - Old Ale

Just like a 4.0 Carini jam, this old-style ale isn't as evil as it firsts suggests. With its hints of coffee and chocolate this tasty brew pairs perfectly with, and this is most important, a 4.0 Carini. Lacking the evil of earlier Carinis from previous eras, a 4.0 Carini contains the perfect set of notes to pair with the tasty Velvet Evil.

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