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Tour Beer Pairings: Deer Creek

How is a wook supposed to find that perfect mix of flavor and sound with so many beers and Phish songs to choose from? That's where wookplus comes in. We have diligently created the perfect beer and song pairing for each venue on the Spring tour. So all you need to do is crack open a cold one and relax.

Fluff Pops Slushmallow - Fluffhead

It's hot out in the middle of a corn field and sour beers hit best in the heat of the afternoon. If we are being honest, any beer pairs nicely with a Fluffhead. But this sour, conditioned in banana, raspberry, marshmallow, and vanilla, goes down smooth and sneaks up on you like some powerful pills. After drinking a few of these tasty treats you'll be tipsy in time for the show.

Zombie Dust - Waking Up Dead

Three Floyds Brewing - Pale Ale

At the center of the Venn diagram of IPAs, Zombies, and Phish is Waking Up Dead. A song that pairs well with the undead and the bitter taste of IPAs. Admittedly this choice isn't for everyone, in fact, the number of people who like all three of these things is probably very small. And that person is already somewhere on the lot trying to convince people to enjoy zombies, IPAs, Big Boat, or all three.

Dragonfly IPA - Farmhouse

Upland Brewing Co. - India Pale Ale

Welcome, this is a Phish lot, we have Dragonflies alas. And this time of year they're cold. We are so very thirsty. There is little we can do but drink them.

Gumballhead - Undermind

Three Floyds Brewing - Wheat Ale

This lemony wheat ale is perfect for just chilling on the lot. When you need to ease into day drinking and not rage right away, Gumballhead is an excellent choice. Which is perfectly soundtracked by Undermind. So if you went too hard the night before and need to be reinvented and redefined then grab a Gumballhead and relax. Soon enough you'll be undisturbed yet undermined and ready to rage after a few.

Space Station Middle Finger - Say it to Me S.A.N.T.O.S.

Three Floyds Brewing - American Pale Ale

If you are drinking space-themed beers on Phish lot then you are blasting Say it to Me S.A.N.T.O.S. When the "this is what space smells like" refrain comes up, hold up your beer and scream "this is what space tastes like" at the top of your lungs. Your neighbors in the spot next to you will think it is funny the first 5 times but then will wish you would shut up. If you are going to be this person at least offer up a beer to your neighbor so you can scream together. After all, isn't the goal of Phish lot to make friends?

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