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Tour Beer Pairings: South Carolina

How is a wook supposed to find that perfect mix of flavor and sound with so many beers and Phish songs to choose from? That's where wookplus comes in. We have diligently created the perfect beer and song pairing for each venue on the Spring tour. So all you need to do is crack open a cold one and relax.

Beer to Drink When It's Hot Outside - Simple

Westbrook Brewing - Lager

Warmer weather generally means day drinking something lighter and Beer to Drink When It's Hot Outside is perfect for day drinking. It's a nice and crisp sip with a hint of Key Lime that pairs nicely with sky-balls & sax-scrapers. While everyone else is blasting some version of Tweezer you're over here keeping it simple cause you're here to see the band.

SunGrazer - Set Your Soul Free

Charles Towne Fermentory - New England IPA

If you are going IPAs for your day drinking through you can't go wrong with a Sungazer. A lengthy Set Your Soul Free pairs nicely with the hazy hops and citrus hints of your Sungazer. You know what you like and don't care what others think. So cheers.

Boy King - You Enjoy Myself

Coast Brewing Company - Double IPA

This bad boy is for right before you need to go into the show. At 9.7 ABV it's enough of a punch to get you through the entry and beer lines. So before you go head inside the venue grab a can press play on any version of You Enjoy Myself and get ready for the show.

Order of Magnitude - The Mango Song

Edmunds Oust Brewing Company - Imperial Gose/Sour

Some of the first tastes you get when sipping this delicious beer are Mangoes. While this may seem too on the nose, the humidity has gotten to everyone by this point. Listening to Mango while drinking a sour beer with Mango is just funny.

Zoose Joose - Gotta Jibboo

Westbrook Brewing - Ambrosia-Inspired Sour Ale

A mix of pineapple, cherry, tangerine, toasted coconut, and marshmallow deserves a song as unique as Zoose Joose. Gotta Jibbo fits this ale perfectly. So get funky start warm-up dancing for the show and keep on drinking too.

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